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Forging a new path for asset performance management—and skills-gap management—at HUG 2019

As manufacturers scramble to find the expertise they need, software tools for people who need people in focus at Honeywell Users Group conference.

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Can your organization embrace the idea of control-as-a-service? Cloud-based, third-party-supported management of industrial process control to help reduce the need for on-site control infrastructure and expertise, and to enhance flexibility when it comes to control engineering and device commissioning, was one of the are-you-ready-for-this concepts put forth at the HUG (Honeywell Users Group) 2019 conference in Dallas this week.New, flexible control systems technologies—Honeywell officially debuted its Experion PKS HIVE (Highly Integrated Virtual Environment) platform at the conference on Monday—enable the “decoupling” of hardware from software and support…

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Honeywell User Group 2019
June 10-13 / Dallas, TX

PTC Liveworx 2019
June 10-13 / Boston, MA

SMRP Symposium 2019
June 26-27 / Phoenix, AZ

EASA Convention 2019
June 30 - July 2 / Las Vegas, NV

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