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Steely resolve: How U.S. manufacturers that rely on imported metals are coping with tariffs

Manufacturers confronting new trade realities report mixed expectations, tough decisions.

1903 tariffs lead

In this article:Mitigating costs with production efficiency and retooling Relocating and sourcing options Net loss of jobs forecasted For U.S. manufacturers caught in the tariff exchange, one thing is certain: There is a lot of instability in industrial markets. Manufacturers are contending with is a 25% tariff on steel, a 10% tariff on aluminum and other metals imported from all countries except Australia, South Korea, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as retaliatory tariffs from trading partners.The tariffs’ stated objectives were to hasten the U.S. production of the taxed imports to create more jobs in the United States, to stimulate the domestic economy, and to…

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