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2018 PdM survey results: More outsourced maintenance and monitoring

Our 2018 predictive maintenance survey suggests that obstacles to PdM success are being overcome by motivated plant teams and their partners.

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It has been more than 18 months since the last Plant Services survey on predictive maintenance – a stretch of time during which manufacturing has seen a resurgence in the United States, with 17 of the 18 major industries in growth mode, according to the Institute for Supply Management. Interest in the IoT and cloud-based technologies is sky-high and, at 3.7%, unemployment is way low.The results of this year’s PdM survey reflect the optimism in our industry. We’re able now to look back across five years of data, thanks to your continued interest and input into this research project. Although much of the data indicated only slight differences from 2017, several new…

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  • Why you need an incident energy/arc flash analysis

    By Ryan Downey, P.E., AVO Training Institute

    In this ever-changing world we live in, the demand for high-efficiency electrical equipment is steadily increasing. With more electrical equipment to maintain and operate, workers are exposed to numerous hazards every day. One of those hazards is arc flash, or an arc blast, which can have…

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  • Solving maintenance skills gaps with supplier help

    By Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor

    It’s easy to buy things. Something breaks, or is about to break, you buy a new one. Maybe you get smarter about using and maintaining that thing so that next time, you can go a longer time without having to buy a new one. But you’re still buying a thing, and that’s still, of course, the…

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  • The 5 styles of conflict management

    By Tom Moriarty

    Conflict in the workplace is very destructive. It makes people reluctant to work together. But what causes conflict? The simple answer is that conflict happens whenever two parties don’t see eye-to-eye.During everyday activities, conflict comes from ambiguity, gaps, and overlaps in roles and…

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  • Why retaining women in manufacturing matters

    By Pamela Kan, president, Bishop-Wisecarver

    Bad news: There aren’t enough workers to fill the job openings in manufacturing, and the number of women working in manufacturing is relatively low. Most of you reading this already know that.Good news: Women have enormous potential to help manufacturing fix its skills gap and bring ideas and…

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  • Perfect pitch: Your maintenance planning elevator speech

    By Doc Palmer, PE, CMRP, Richard Palmer and Associates

    “Elevator speeches” are short speeches of a minute or less that aim to persuade someone or explain something. Imagine being in an elevator with a key stakeholder or stakeholders and needing to convey something on which you want buy-in. This ride is your chance to get their undivided attention.

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