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Why Your Plant Should Partner With A System Integrator
Industrial Automation

The future of CSIA and what to expect in 2024

"What we really want to do is create a pathway for training for our members so that they can get more enablement towards adopting best practices for themselves."
The Spectrum Of Broken — Should You Replace Outdated Parts If They Are Still Functional
Control Systems

When is the right time to upgrade outdated parts?

"Just how broke is it? At what point is that costing you more money than it would cost to install a more robust, let's say, device level ring with EtherNet/IP. "
How Advances In Industrial Motors And Controls Can Boost The Bottom Line
Industrial Motors

How advances in industrial motors and controls can boost the bottom line

Sheila Kennedy says revolutionary approaches in design and technology yield unique benefits.
The Changing Role Of Control System Integrators In The Automation Industry
Control Systems

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for control system integrators?

"People understand that they do need to do digitalization, you're getting less pushback on that, and I think people are really kind of understanding."
Take The Fear Out Of Going Wireless By Using A Stepwise Approach
Wireless Networking

Take the fear out of going wireless by using a stepwise approach

Consider a stepwise approach to put wireless safely and reliably into a plant.
The Secret To Smooth Batch Process Operations Is Close Partnership With A Systems Integrator
Industrial Automation

The secret to smooth batch process operations is close partnership with a systems integrator

In this installment of Automation Zone, learn how experts in the system integrator community can help support your business goals.
Blue Air Compressor
Compressed Air Systems

How to collect and utilize compressed air system data

In this episode of the Plant Services Compressed Air Podcast series, Neil Mehltretter and Werner Rauer explore the benefits of compressed air system data monitoring.
Industrial Automation

The future of industrial work is changing fast

In this installment of Automation Zone, learn how system integrators are poised to help you navigate the changing who, what, and where of your job.
Control System Integrators
Control Systems

The future of industrial work: Navigating current and future challenges

In this episode of The Tool Belt, José Rivera shares a preview of this year's CSIA Executive Conference.

Achieve greater uptime via smarter control systems

In this edition of What Works, Schneider Electric’s Lexington manufacturing facility uses the IIoT to reduce system downtime by 5%.
Industrial Automation

Case study: Chemical manufacturer undergoes multi-plant control system upgrade

All three plants upgraded control systems, cooling systems, and relief systems, and the new technology supports the manufacturer’s strength in advanced chemical processes.
8 good design practices for PLC systems
Industrial Automation

8 good design practices for PLC systems

Proper PLC design will extend its service life and improve operational efficiency.
Industrial Automation

MRO and system integrators: Collaboration is key

In this installment of Ask An Integrator, if you want to collect the right data, then involve integrators during the design and/or retrofit process.
Industrial Automation

Automation equipment improvements to increase safety and enhance control

Sheila Kennedy says advancements offer new ways to control and optimize your operations.
Industrial Cybersecurity

Keep your systems secure – one patch at a time

Why aren’t control system patch management best practices higher on a manufacturer’s priority list?
Industrial Automation

Do you have a system integrator partner yet?

In this Big Picture Interview, José Rivera explores why the more digital technology you deploy, the more you need a trusted advisor to help you grow and scale.