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What is a cobot?
Industrial Robotics

What is a cobot?

Do you need extra support with machine tending or precise and repetitive assembly tasks? A cobot might be the right fit for your facility.
Robots Are Fighting Deforestation In The Amazon, One Seed At A Time
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Robots are fighting deforestation in the Amazon, one seed at a time

Every day, it seems, robots are gaining new and innovative skills that were unimaginable only a few years ago.
Robotics And Ai From The Plant Floor To Your Local Fast Food Restaurant
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Robotics and AI: From the plant floor to your local fast-food restaurant

Wendy's plans to use an underground autonomous robot system to deliver food to hungry customers in the parking lot.
Smart Plants Optimize Human And Robotic Processes
Industrial Automation

Smart plants optimize human and robotic processes

Sheila Kennedy says speed, safety, and sustainability features are advancing.
Boston Dynamics Robots Make Their Runway Debut During Paris Fashion Week
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Boston Dynamics robots make their runway debut during Paris Fashion Week

For the launch of their fall 2023 collection, Coperni partnered with Boston Dynamics to incorporate five of the company’s “Spot” canine robots into their Paris fashion show.
Want To Improve Your Balance Get An Exoskeleton Suit With Superhuman Reflexes
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Want to improve your balance? Get an exoskeleton suit with superhuman reflexes.

Despite their many advances, robots are notorious for have poor balance skills. This deficiency, however, might be due to reaction time.
Robot Can Disassemble And Recycle 200 I Phones An Hour
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Robot can disassemble and recycle 200 iPhones an hour

Daisy can disassemble 23 different iPhone models, allowing Apple to recover valuable materials within, like rare earth magnets, tungsten, and steel.
Industrial Robotics

Using robots to perform preventive maintenance

In this installment of Automation Zone, learn how a technology partnership seeks to drive safety as well as enable autonomous condition monitoring.
Industrial Automation

See Spot inspect assets with condition monitoring tech

In this episode of The Tool Belt podcast, Fluke's Martin Budweg and Boston Dynamics' Tim Dykstra discuss the potential of pairing a robot with an acoustic imager.
Industrial Robotics

Cobotics on the rise

Sheila Kennedy says machines and people are working together in harmony as cobots increase in number and scope.
Industrial Robotics

Warehouses are ripe for robotics

Sheila Kennedy says materials handling robots are tackling lift work in harsh environments and monitoring their own condition.
Workforce Development

Who will help build the robots?

In rural Ohio, a robots specialist creates a training center to develop human talent.
Industrial Automation

Automate 2019: Robots to the rescue?

Automation seen as a tool to fill manufacturers' labor gaps today and generate new interest in industrial careers going forward
Asset Management System

The robot maintenance you're missing

Tracking these three data points will help you identify and address productivity killers.
Industrial Robotics

Warehouse robots: What you need to know as the market ramps up

Sheila Kennedy says smarter, faster robots are changing the game for materials handling and transport.
Smart Manufacturing

Machine intelligence is extending to include conveying systems

Can “smart” be combined with “conveyor” without being labeled an oxymoron?