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Power Generation

The new world of power generation asset and service management

The once-staid electric power subindustry is diversifying and digitalizing.
Podcast: Is the manufacturing industry prepared for a hyper complex energy grid?
Energy Management

Podcast: Is the manufacturing industry prepared for a hyper complex energy grid?

In this episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast, Brian Reinke from TDI Energy Solutions explores the many changes and challenges affecting the electric grid.
Power Generation

Power risk assessments done right

How well is your power distribution system performing? Here’s how to find out.
Power Generation

Improving performance and uptime of heavy rotating equipment

Survey reveals the protection measures being used to lift machine availability to new heights.
Remote Monitoring

Your machines are talking to you. Do you always understand what they are saying?

As equipment gets more complex, plant teams are increasingly turning to OEMs and their analytics partners to understand and manage machine performance.
Energy Management

Understanding the demand for better energy monitoring and management

Impacts of variable speed drives, aero-derivative gas turbines, and thermal monitoring.
Power Generation

Maintenance and reliability warnings

In this Big Picture Interview, Klaus Brun explains why condition monitoring is only as good as the instrumentation accuracy and availability.
Power Generation

Infographic: Utilizing the ocean for energy

The next area to be used to make energy may be closer than we think. As the infographic shows, wind turbines on the water may be the best and most efficient way to create energy...
Energy Management

Contaminants’ impact on gas turbine operation

Understand fuel quality and storage to achieve availability, reliability, and environmental responsibility.
Power Generation

Infographic: The rise of wind energy in the U.S.

Wind energy is becoming even more efficient with bigger turbines, allowing more houses to be powered quicker and easier.
Power Generation

Infographic: The statistics behind wind turbines

The surprising truth behind turning to wind turbines as an energy source.
Power Generation

Mechanical or electrical trip system testing?

Turbine trip tests vary in more than speed and frequency.
Electrical Systems

The view from the electrical power plant

Karl Fessenden, vice president of power generation services, energy services, at GE, discusses efficiency, the smart grid and regulatory factors.