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ABB and Microsoft partner to advance industrial generative AI
Artificial Intelligence

ABB and Microsoft partner to advance industrial generative AI

At the intersection of data-driven and physics-based modeling, AI takes the stage by supporting prompt-based engineering.
Podcast Should Data Be Driving All Our Decision Making

Podcast: Should data be driving all our decision-making?

In this episode of Ask a Plant Manager, Joe Kuhn, author and YouTuber, says technology adoption can create a clash of cultures; start small and grow from small successes.
Energy Management

It’s time for industry to come together to promote sustainability and protect the planet

In this Big Picture Interview, you can take your pick of crises over the past few years, but only one stands out as our top shared priority.
Industrial Automation

Why you should automate overall equipment effectiveness data collection

In this Big Picture Interview, learn why you need to get rid of pencil-and-paper OEE calculations.
Big Data Analytics

How a single database for reliability data delivers optimal outcomes

For asset owners, operators, and service providers alike, the transition to a single reliability database of actionable information is invaluable.
Big Data Analytics

How to gain confidence in data quality

Use these tips to check your CMMS data integrity, so they lead to sound operational decisions.
Big Data Analytics

Data lake technologies: Bridging the gap between OT and IT

The right data management tools help facilities connect, collect and contextualize plant data.

Utilize single pair Ethernet to unlock the benefits of big data and IoT

In this installment of Automation Zone, unite IoT device data under a single SPE protocol for better decisions at the right times.
Supply Chain Management

Why data sharing is a two-way street

In this Big Picture Interview, Richard Howells explains how networked assets are helping to make the next generation of assets and workers even smarter.
Vibration Analysis

Get better insights from your vibration data

Use these tips to move quickly from data collection and analysis to corrective action.
Industrial Automation

Who’s governing the AI in your facility?

In the age of Industry 4.0, managing asset health increasingly requires managing digital health to ensure that prescriptive recommendations are unbiased and verifiable.
Big Data Analytics

How 'The Big Lebowski' relates to Big Data

Thomas Wilk says tie the room together with these two strategies to coordinate your teams.
Big Data Analytics

Turning data into quality information for making better decisions

How advanced Coriolis flow meter diagnostic technology can support predictive maintenance.
Lean Six Sigma

Self-service continuous improvement

Tap into advanced analytics to fuel improvement efforts across the organization.