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7 tips to help manufacturers create a resilient, sustainable electric future
Electrical Systems

7 tips to help manufacturers create a resilient, sustainable electric future

Is your facility ready to handle new energy dynamics as electrification grows and ESG regulations evolve?
Why A Return To Service Plan Is Key To Reducing Electrical Safety Risks Following Maintenance Outages
Electrical Systems

Why a return-to-service plan is key to reducing electrical safety risks following maintenance outages

An effective plan can help your team gain the discipline to navigate the unique set of hazards associated with returning electrical equipment to service.
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Electrical Systems

eHandbook: Improving the safety and reliability of your electrical systems

Electrical safety is a top concern for plants across the industry, but keeping up with the latest technologies, practices, and standards can be a daunting task.
Partial Discharge 101 Secrets, Tips, And Tricks From An Electrical Professional
Electrical Systems

Partial discharge 101: Secrets, tips, and tricks from an electrical professional

Managing PD requires a broad range of experience, from checking cable terminations and RFCT placement to eliminating contact and floating metal discharges.
Nfpa 70 B Chronology Of The Origin And Development
Electrical Systems

NFPA 70B: Chronology of the origin and development

This timeline shows the development for the latest standard over many decades and an outline of topics and practices covered in the code.
5 Recommendations For Meeting The New Nfpa 70 B Standard
Electrical Safety

5 recommendations for meeting the new NFPA 70B standard

The long-standing recommendations are centered around the formation of an electrical maintenance plan.
Is Your Plant Following The New Nfpa 70 B Standard
Electrical Safety

Is your plant following the new NFPA 70B standard?

The key to compliance is developing an electrical maintenance plan – here’s how to do that.
Taking A Digital Approach To Switchgear Maintenance And Safety
Electrical Systems

Taking a digital approach to switchgear maintenance and safety

Data-driven insights from switchgear and circuit breakers can help reduce risk and improve safety and operations.
Industrial Automation

Implementing cybersecurity for critical electrical system assets

In this installment of Automation Zone, learn not to take for granted the importance of electrical safety when securing your OT networks.
Industrial Safety

Hot tips for industrial electrical safety

Sheila Kennedy says innovative tools and accessories help protect against serious industrial hazards.
Electrical Systems

Improve your electrical system uptime

John Garbarino discusses how facilities can improve uptime and the average time between electrical incidents.
Electrical Systems

Prevent shocks to your system: New technologies to help you mitigate electrical hazards

Sheila Kennedy says check out the latest tools and tactics to protect your workforce and mitigate electrical hazards.
Workforce Development

Deliver training on your workers’ schedule

We recently caught up with Tim Jacobs, VP/General Manager – Enterprise at TPC, to ask him how the company is helping industrial maintenance workers to both improve their skill...
Electrical Systems

Q: Who needs lockout/tagout training? A: Everyone

Learn how to improve electrical safety and keep people trained at your facility.
Electrical Systems

Systematically improve your transformer reliability

The transformer reliability needs of a utility are very different from that of an industrial location.