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Beware of AI-driven maintenance plans filling your CMMS with non-value work
Planned Maintenance

Beware of AI-driven maintenance plans filling your CMMS with non-value work

Jeff Shiver demonstrates how PM checklists generated using AI tools often miss the precision tasks that address your asset’s unique operating context, and can vary between multiple...
Take Steps To Quantify The Value Of Your Preventive Maintenance Optimization Efforts
Preventive Maintenance

Take steps to quantify the value of your preventive maintenance optimization efforts

Jeff Shiver says both KPIs and qualitative feedback are crucial to capturing tangible results.
How Much Condition Based Maintenance Is Enough At Your Facility

How much condition-based maintenance is enough at your facility?

David Berger says use your CMMS to build an accurate equipment history and find the balance between use-based maintenance and condition-based initiatives.
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance like the military: Part 2

Many industry practices have a similar U.S. Army standard program to use as a guide.
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance like the military

The U.S. Army’s standardized system to develop PMs can be a good model for industry.
Preventive Maintenance

Improve the effectiveness of your preventive maintenance strategy with PM uptimization

When the daily workload is weighing you down, change your course with a new preventive maintenance strategy.
Preventive Maintenance

How to improve the identification of potential failures at your plant

Jeff Shiver says many tools can assist to determine potential failure conditions, but each type of asset has different needs.
Preventive Maintenance

Time for smarter PMs: How intelligent technologies are improving preventive maintenance routines

These intelligent technologies are making preventive maintenance tasks more and more frictionless.
Preventive Maintenance

Your 7-step guide to effective PM optimization

Applying the RCM framework using a checklist approach will drastically improve your PM optimization efforts.
Predictive Maintenance

How to frame the value of PM and PdM

Knowing the ratio of corrective work identified by these programs is key to calculating cost avoidance.

Prevent lubrication-related bearing failures with ultrasound

Ultrasound-assisted lubrication can pave the way toward a best-in-class condition monitoring program at your plant.
Preventive Maintenance

Rust never sleeps, and neither should your maintenance staff

Are you and your team staying fit and fresh in the face of new technologies, asks Thomas Wilk.
Preventive Maintenance

How to move beyond the blame game

Is operations/facilities your foe or friend? Better communication will make the difference.
Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance management perfection vs. reality

What an ideal maintenance planning environment looks like and how to get closer to it.
Asset Management System

Why run-to-fail strategies are evolving quickly in the NBA

Thomas Wilk says we’re in an era where players are discarding run-to-fail and are embracing more reliable approaches to self-care.

Tame the beast: How to wrap your arms around your CMMS options

Overwhelmed by CMMS/EAM choices? What to look for, and what to weigh before you buy.