Livestream discussion: Latest trends in plant maintenance decision making

March 4, 2024
View this on-demand webinar on how best to use your maintenance workers to achieve plant goals.

Maintenance decisions greatly impact a plant’s uptime and productivity. Identifying issues before they impact operations is critical, but what is the best use of a plant’s limited maintenance staff and budget to achieve these goals?

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) recently partnered with Plant Services to research maintenance practices trends. Join chief editor Thomas Wilk for a livestreamed discussion on the research findings with EASA service company representatives Ron Widup and Justin Hatfield CRL, CMRP.

They will share research findings and practices for:

  • Making repair or replace decisions for electric motors
  • Identifying the root-cause of equipment downtime
  • Understanding the pros and cons of outsourcing maintenance services
  • Implementing a condition-based equipment monitoring program
  • Developing maintenance strategies to support sustainability goal

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About the presenters

Ron Widup is the Vice Chairman, Board of Directors and Senior Advisor, Technical Services for Shermco Industries and has been with Shermco since 1983. He is involved with EASA and chairs EASA’s Marketing & Industry Awareness committee. He is a Principal member of the Technical Committee for NFPA Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E); Principal member of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) Code Panel 11; Principal member and Chairman of the Technical Committee for Standard for Competency of Third-Party Evaluation Bodies (NFPA 790); Principal member and Chairman of the Technical Committee on Recommended Practice and Procedures for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation (NFPA 791), and Principal member of the Technical Committee Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance (NFPA 70B). He is a member of the Texas State Technical College System (TSTC) Board of Regents, a NETA Certified Level 4 Senior Test Technician, State of Texas Journeyman Electrician, and member of the NETA Board of Directors and Standards Review Council; and an NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP).

Justin is the President of HECO out of Kalamazoo, MI. Justin grew up in the electric motor business and is third generation leadership at HECO. He serves as Chairman of EASA’s Ad-Hoc Emerging Technologies Committee and a member of EASA’s Marketing and Industry Awareness Committee. Justin holds the CRMP designation (Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional) from the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP). He is also a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) via the Association of Asset Management Professionals.

About the Author

Thomas Wilk | editor in chief

Thomas Wilk joined Plant Services as editor in chief in 2014. Previously, Wilk was content strategist / mobile media manager at Panduit. Prior to Panduit, Tom was lead editor for Battelle Memorial Institute's Environmental Restoration team, and taught business and technical writing at Ohio State University for eight years. Tom holds a BA from the University of Illinois and an MA from Ohio State University

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