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Partial Discharge 101 Secrets, Tips, And Tricks From An Electrical Professional
Electrical Systems

Partial discharge 101: Secrets, tips, and tricks from an electrical professional

Managing PD requires a broad range of experience, from checking cable terminations and RFCT placement to eliminating contact and floating metal discharges.
Q&a Can You Use An Impedance Tester Instead Of A Surge Tester On Your Motor
Industrial Motors

Q&A: Can you use an impedance tester instead of a surge tester on your motor?

Henk de Swardt, chief electrical engineer for Timken Power System, answers your questions about motor testing.
How Advances In Industrial Motors And Controls Can Boost The Bottom Line
Industrial Motors

How advances in industrial motors and controls can boost the bottom line

Sheila Kennedy says revolutionary approaches in design and technology yield unique benefits.
Vibration Spectrum Analysis 101
Industrial Motors

Vibration spectrum analysis 101: Tips for getting started

Understanding the basics is essential for anyone directly involved in managing the condition and performance of rotating equipment.
Considerations for using bypass contactors with VFDs
Industrial Motors

Considerations for using bypass contactors with VFDs

Contactors ensure continued motor operation at full speed in the case of VFD failure or emergency service.
How The I Io T Is Advancing Motor Maintenance
Industrial Motors

How to get the right data to improve motor maintenance

"Most people's perception of artificial intelligence is about the same as the way they perceive magic."
The I Io T Frontier For Motors Repair
Industrial Motors

The IIoT frontier for motors repair

In this Big Picture Interview, learn how the internet of things is changing the landscape of machine condition monitoring, especially for motors.
Understanding The Potential Of I Io T For Industrial Motor Maintenance
Industrial Motors

Understanding the potential of IIoT for industrial motor maintenance

Machine condition monitoring is growing with new technologies for maintenance and repair.
Motor Repair Business Flips The Maintenance Model 1
Industrial Motors

Motor repair business flips the maintenance model

In this installment of What Works, learn how new business models could change the face of maintenance.
Electric Motor Maintenance
Industrial Motors

Electric motor maintenance best practices

Avoiding unexpected equipment downtime long-term requires a detailed preventive and predictive program.
Industrial Motors

3 steps to improve motor reliability

Establish specifications and standards, then preventive maintenance best practices.
Industrial Motors

The Big Four factors affecting motor health

Tips for improving the efficiency and reliability of your motor-driven systems.
Industrial Motors

Maximize motor reliability and efficiency

Sheila Kennedy says features like self-monitoring and onboard predictive analytics help to reduce unplanned downtime.
Industrial Motors

Get your motor runnin’: Key takeaways from the 2021 EASA event

Thomas Wilk says changing maintenance strategies are the hot topic at the EASA convention.
Industrial Motors

Advanced variable frequency drives are working in more applications

Modern VFDs combine control, safety, networking, and efficiency technologies.
Electric motor noise: How to identify the cause and implement a solution
Industrial Motors

Electric motor noise: How to identify the cause and implement a solution

A methodical approach can narrow down which of the primary sources is to blame: magnetic, mechanical or windage noise.