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  • The trifecta of motor maintenance

    This white paper provides companies with the winning strategies of motor maintenance, focusing on the three reliability tasks for electric motor testing and the order in which they should be applied.

  • The bottom line about gearing

    This white paper provides an analysis of efficiency as it relates to the type of gearing used and the number of gear stages.

  • New PdM technologies for on-line motor maintenance

    Author: Ernesto Wiedenbrug, Ph.D.

    This white paper presents an overview of some of the most common preventive maintenance issues found in the field, and relatively new technologies now being applied to address those issues.

  • Improved diagnosis of problems with critical VFD motor/machine systems

    Author: E. Wiedenbrug, Consulting Engineer, SKF USA, and M. Sanford, Software Engineer, SKF USA

    VFD motor/machine systems introduce a number of challenges that, for many organizations, will cause system failures until they adopt modern dynamic motor monitoring tools.

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