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Beyond the compressor room The business of compressed air
Compressed Air Systems

Beyond the compressor room: The business of compressed air

"Can that air audit be more inclusive? Can it include reliability improvements, rather than just energy savings?"
Advancements in industrial bearings and seals help improve longevity and functionality
Industrial Bearings

Advancements in industrial bearings and seals help improve longevity and functionality

Sheila Kennedy says new monitoring and maintenance aids improve the performance and life span of these critical technologies.
What is a steam boiler?
HVAC System

What is a steam boiler?

Learn the difference between a hot water boiler and a steam boiler, as well as industrial applications where steam boilers are used
Ask The Experts Common Problems Plaguing Industrial Compressed Air Systems
Compressed Air Systems

Ask the Experts: Common problems plaguing industrial compressed air systems

Compressed Air Challenge experts give advice on how to overcome everyday compressed air problems at your plant.
Industrial Instrumentation Is Rife With Innovation

Industrial instrumentation is rife with innovation

Sheila Kennedy says novel monitoring and measurement solutions increase accuracy and operational efficiency.
How To Better Monitor Your Condition Monitoring Devices

How to better monitor your condition monitoring devices

Condition monitoring is increasing productivity across the process industries, and monitoring the condition of the sensor network can help secure the biggest benefits.
Use Smart Instrumentation To Prevent Dangerous, Costly Spills At Your Processing Plant

Use smart instrumentation to prevent dangerous, costly spills at your processing plant

By adhering to safety standards, and with help from modern instrumentation, plant personnel can minimize the risk of leaks and overfill incidents.
Best Practices For Predictive Maintenance Of Bearings
Predictive Maintenance

Best practices for predictive maintenance of bearings

Extend bearing life and conserve your maintenance budget with these useful tips.
Why A Return To Service Plan Is Key To Reducing Electrical Safety Risks Following Maintenance Outages
Electrical Systems

Why a return-to-service plan is key to reducing electrical safety risks following maintenance outages

An effective plan can help your team gain the discipline to navigate the unique set of hazards associated with returning electrical equipment to service.
Partial Discharge 101 Secrets, Tips, And Tricks From An Electrical Professional
Electrical Systems

Partial discharge 101: Secrets, tips, and tricks from an electrical professional

Managing PD requires a broad range of experience, from checking cable terminations and RFCT placement to eliminating contact and floating metal discharges.
Q&a Can You Use An Impedance Tester Instead Of A Surge Tester On Your Motor
Industrial Motors

Q&A: Can you use an impedance tester instead of a surge tester on your motor?

Henk de Swardt, chief electrical engineer for Timken Power System, answers your questions about motor testing.
8 Ways To Justify Upgrades To Your Compressed Air System
Compressed Air Systems

8 ways to justify upgrades to your compressed air system

This article discusses some additional ways to justify compressed air system improvement, many of which do not necessarily have direct energy efficiency benefits.
Nfpa 70 B Chronology Of The Origin And Development
Electrical Systems

NFPA 70B: Chronology of the origin and development

This timeline shows the development for the latest standard over many decades and an outline of topics and practices covered in the code.
Advances In Compressed Air Technologies
Compressed Air Systems

Advances in compressed air technologies

Sheila Kennedy says novel offerings secure reliability, efficiency, and performance gains.
5 Recommendations For Meeting The New Nfpa 70 B Standard
Electrical Safety

5 recommendations for meeting the new NFPA 70B standard

The long-standing recommendations are centered around the formation of an electrical maintenance plan.
Is Your Plant Following The New Nfpa 70 B Standard
Electrical Safety

Is your plant following the new NFPA 70B standard?

The key to compliance is developing an electrical maintenance plan – here’s how to do that.