Condition-Based Maintenance

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Fluke Reliability Acquires Ai Powered Vibration Analytics Company Azima Dli
Condition Monitoring

Fluke Reliability acquires AI-powered vibration analytics company Azima DLI

Acquisition amplifies Fluke Reliability’s connected reliability strategy, bringing together condition monitoring and alignment hardware, asset management software, and remote ...
Remote Monitoring
Technology Toolbox

Drive greater real-time asset health awareness with remote sensors and intelligent analytics

In this month's Technology Toolbox, Sheila Kennedy uncovers tools that eliminate manual data collection and expand better decision making
Condition-Based Maintenance

The beginning of a flourishing condition-based maintenance program

Today's wireless vibration sensors are the gateway to jumpstart your program.
Condition-Based Maintenance

Modalities impacting the P-F curve

Understand the technologies used to supply asset condition data and what they detect.
Electrical Systems

Transformer monitoring: More than meets the eye

The right transformer monitor for your plant depends on what else you have installed.
Predictive Maintenance

The P-F curve and the path to capacity assurance

Misunderstanding the P-F curve can mean missed opportunities to improve reliability. Here’s how to get back on track.
Predictive Maintenance

PdM tools do not equal automatic expertise

Don’t fall into the “you’ll be an expert” trap when investing in predictive technologies.

Avoiding the black hole of data

If technicians can’t access data readily and managers can’t get real-time reports, what’s the point of entering it?
Preventive Maintenance

Better today than yesterday: Optimize your maintenance strategy

Whatever combination of maintenance strategies your plant employs, here's how to do each a little better.
Condition-Based Maintenance

What makes a condition-based maintenance program sink or swim

Here are the factors that will help create and sustain success with CBM.

Ultrasound is breaking new ground

Sheila Kennedy says ultrasound specialists adapt to new challenges to data collection and management.

At your service: What expanding services offerings looks like for four industry-focused organizations

Moving beyond primarily making and replacing products, companies are adding revenue streams through services such as monitoring, maintenance, and training.
Infrared Thermography

Perspective: Cloud-based condition monitoring connects the dots

See the complete picture by helping your teams link tools, sensors, and software together.
Shaft Alignment

2018 PdM survey results: More outsourced maintenance and monitoring

Our 2018 predictive maintenance survey suggests that obstacles to PdM success are being overcome by motivated plant teams and their partners.
Big Data Analytics

Put Big Data into context in real time

Sheila Kennedy says make more-strategic decisions thanks to the power of AI and machine learning.