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Drive greater real-time asset health awareness with remote sensors and intelligent analytics

May 15, 2023
In this month's Technology Toolbox, Sheila Kennedy uncovers tools that eliminate manual data collection and expand better decision making

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) offers modernized approaches to monitoring machines, components, environments, and infrastructure. Remote sensors and intelligent analytics provide plants with greater situational awareness of even the farthest assets and facilities. New solutions eliminate manual data collection and open up monitoring to additional assets and systems, enabling faster, more comprehensive insights and better decision making.

Plant solutions

Remote monitoring and expert analysis is a beneficial combination. Reliability 360 (R360) Machine Health Monitoring is an IIoT remote monitoring and analytics solution from Advanced Technology Services (ATS) that enables predictive and condition-based maintenance. The global industrial services provider’s technology-driven approach improves manufacturing productivity and reduces costs.

“Machine health monitoring sensors detect and collect even the slightest fluctuations in variables such as vibration, temperature, current, pressure, and humidity,” explains Micah Statler, director of operations at ATS. “Based on live machine data, real-time alerts are analyzed by condition monitoring experts at our R360 Technology Center, who then provide prescriptive actions to the on-site maintenance team that prevent unplanned downtime.”

SKF Axios is an automated condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution from SKF and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is designed to detect anomalies around the clock on almost any rotating industrial equipment. It continuously learns and improves based on machine data and user feedback on failure modes and actions taken.

According to Sam Bainbridge, SKF’s director of technology delivery for North America: “Wireless triaxial sensors are mounted on machines to collect vibration and temperature data. The data is pushed to the cloud where machine learning is applied to detect anomalies. If anomalies occur, users are alerted to make quick decisions and take action as needed.” The resolution is then captured in the SKF Axios app.

Sentinel Pro from Sensaphone is a cloud-based remote monitoring system for industrial plants to monitor variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, power failure, water leaks, and equipment status. It is compatible with Sensaphone environmental monitoring sensors as well as any third-party sensor that uses an analog or digital signal.

“It is easy to use for monitoring real-time, system-wide data by integrating devices because it interfaces with any equipment using a building automation system with Modbus sensors,” says Dave DeFusco, VP of engineering at Sensaphone.

Beyond the plant

The supply chain ecosystem is the target of the new Sensata INSIGHTS platform from Sensata Technologies. It leverages IoT hardware, software, analytics, and machine learning to improve worksite and asset monitoring, supply chain and logistics tracking, and telematics. Its unique data flow keeps cellular data usage low while not restricting access to needed data.

The platform addresses the need for greater awareness across a larger swath of the plant’s operations, including mobile equipment such as forklifts, pallets, and transportation vehicles, explains Smriti Bhuyan, field application engineer for Sensata INSIGHTS. “With IoT becoming not just a desire but an expectation, the need to stitch all the data generated into a meaningful insight that can be acted upon is quickly becoming table stakes,” he adds.

Managing critical and aging infrastructures requires a keen understanding of asset health and safety risks. Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring from Hitachi Vantara uses AI-based video data analytics to automate monitoring and inspections. Instant notifications providing real-time component views allow operations and maintenance teams to significantly reduce travel time and system downtime.

Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring “brings together data from various sensors, visual spectrum and thermal cameras, radar, ruggedized gateways, industrial network infrastructure, edge devices, cloud applications, and video and data analytics to allow for remote monitoring, inspections, and in the future, autonomous operation for our energy and utility customers,” says Intesh Singh, head of smart spaces and video intelligence at Hitachi Vantara.

Focused solutions

Remote monitoring and control devices for pipeline corrosion, standby generators, and air compressors offered by OmniMetrix are brand agnostic and provide critical data insights to help operations run smoothly and avoid failures. “With real-time text and email alerts, anyone in your organization can be notified of potential failures and outages to mitigate downtime,” says Jesse Gott, the company’s director of business development.

An example in corrosion protection is OmniMetrix’s new Remote AC Mitigation Disconnect (RAD) for cathodic protection environments. The patented solution allows users to remotely monitor, disconnect, and reconnect solid-state decouplers (SSDs) and polarization cell replacement devices (PCRs) to an AC mitigation system wherever there is an internet connection.

About the Author

Sheila Kennedy | CMRP

Sheila Kennedy, CMRP, is a professional freelance writer specializing in industrial and technical topics. She established Additive Communications in 2003 to serve software, technology, and service providers in industries such as manufacturing and utilities, and became a contributing editor and Technology Toolbox columnist for Plant Services in 2004. Prior to Additive Communications, she had 11 years of experience implementing industrial information systems. Kennedy earned her B.S. at Purdue University and her MBA at the University of Phoenix. She can be reached at [email protected] or

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