Better today than yesterday: Optimize your maintenance strategy

April 16, 2019
Whatever combination of maintenance strategies your plant employs, here's how to do each a little better.

If your industrial organization is like most, it relies on a mix of maintenance approaches – some (probably more than maintenance managers would like) reactive, some proactive.

And while the failure-predicting capabilities of new monitoring and analysis technologies promise to help more manufacturers of all sizes shift more maintenance into the latter category, not everyone's fully plugged in yet. There's ideal, and there's IRL ("in real life," as the kids say).

In Plant Services' 2018 predictive maintenance survey, most respondents indicated that their organization relies on a combination of maintenance strategies. More than four in five (84%) employ preventive (periodic or route-based) maintenance; 81% employ reactive/run-to-fail maintenance; around 70% use predictive technologies and strategies; and around 17% have started to adopt prescriptive approaches, with advanced analytics technologies providing maintenance suggestions and data-based decision support.

Wherever your maintenance program falls on the spectrum from reactive to proactive, here are best practices shared by our industry experts in the past year for making it more effective:

1.    Why did it fail? Breaking down asset failures
Keep, track, and trend failure causes to optimize your maintenance program.
by Monroe Blanton, LCE

2.    Fix your preventive maintenance strategy
What’s always been done, and how it’s always been done, isn’t necessarily what’s needed. Here’s how to make meaningful improvements to your PM program.
by Joe Anderson, B. Braun Medical

3.    The operator's guide to successful troubleshooting
Everything you need to know to be able to diagnose and fix process problems more quickly and effectively in the field
by William (Bill) L. Mostia Jr., P.E.

4.    The basics of setting up an effective predictive maintenance program
Here’s what you need to do (and why) when it comes to developing and implementing a predictive strategy
by Timothy Thomas, Hibbs ElectroMechanical

5.    How to build a PdM program from scratch
Making your first real go at predictive maintenance? Here are the ingredients for success.
by Paul Berberian, GTI Predictive Technology

6.    How 7 companies are accelerating PdM and RxM at their plants
Predictive maintenance: Pedal to the metal
by Sheila Kennedy, CMRP, contributing editor

7.    The road to prescriptive maintenance
How industry leaders in energy, oil and gas, and more are mapping out a smarter future for maintenance
by Sheila Kennedy, CMRP, contributing editor

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