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3 steps to improve motor reliability

Establish specifications and standards, then preventive maintenance best practices.
Industrial Motors

Maximize motor reliability and efficiency

Sheila Kennedy says features like self-monitoring and onboard predictive analytics help to reduce unplanned downtime.
Industrial Motors

Advanced variable frequency drives are working in more applications

Modern VFDs combine control, safety, networking, and efficiency technologies.
Industrial Motors

How to protect VFD motor bearings using nanocrystalline inductive absorbers

Prevent hazardous-duty bearing failures from fluting caused by high-speed VFD switching.
Industrial Motors

What you need to know about AC motors and VFDs

Maintenance and repair can damage a motor, whether it be over- or under-lubrication to incomplete motor testing analysis. Here’s how modern motors and drives can help to avoid...
Industrial Motors

The value of cabinet-free drive technology

In this installment of Automation Zone, when drives are integrated into servo motors, manufacturers can rapidly reconfigure production systems.