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Sick instruments: Seeking great performances from your assets? Don't neglect instrument maintenance

Instruments are among the most technically challenging assets to maintain, but they have an outsized impact on plant safety and reliability.

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It seems like instrument maintenance (and maintenance in general) is a bit overlooked when people consider process safety.Even though mechanical integrity is a cornerstone of OSHA’s 1910.119 process safety management (PSM) regulations, maintenance in general does not always play a big part in process hazard analyses (PHA) such as hazard & operability (HAZOP) studies and risk assessments such as layer-of-protection analysis (LOPA), other than failure of process equipment and instrumentation being considered as hazard-initiating causes in the analysis. There may be a guideword or two, but HAZOP and LOPA are scenario-based, whereas maintenance, reliability, and…

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  • How to build a PdM program from scratch

    By Paul Berberian, GTI Predictive Technology

    You get emails and see articles every week that tell you that predictive maintenance – and maybe specifically vibration monitoring – will save you maintenance time and dollars. You’ll move from reactive to predictive maintenance, and planning and scheduling will be more efficient, these say.

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  • Additive manufacturing reaches new heights

    By Sheila Kennedy, CMRP, contributing editor

    New options are available for sourcing the billions of industrial parts that manufacturers need each year. 3D printers have advanced to the point where parts can be produced on demand in a wide variety of industrial-grade materials. Developments in metals printing, filament fusion, and…

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  • Energy projects: Setting boundaries

    By Peter Garforth

    When considering potential energy productivity projects, it is worth asking whether enough time is spent discussing a potential project’s scope or boundaries before the organization gets into action assessing options and coming up with recommendations. The way that project goals are framed and…

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  • Head off a cyber-catastrophe

    By Marty Israels, Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security

    The impact of lacking deep industrial cybersecurity skills at your plant goes well beyond the obvious risk of heightening vulnerability to damages from cyberattacks. The more you can dissect and address interrelated skill shortages challenges, the better you can overcome them to run a safe…

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  • EAM and ERP in the era of the IIoT

    By Sheila Kennedy, CMRP, contributing editor

    Asset-intensive industries would be lost without enterprise software tying their processes and data together. The two most crucial solutions – enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) – are inexorably linked, and the bond is tightening with application and…

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  • Leadership for the long-timers

    By Tom Moriarty

    Every time I get in front of a crowd, I invite people to share a leadership situation they’ve encountered that I might be able to use as a basis for this column. (That goes for you readers, as well; feel free to send me your ideas.) During the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals…

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