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Now you’re speaking my language: Identifying, assessing, and developing your team’s most-needed skills

In this Big Picture Interview, learn why clear, consistent communication is vital to any reliability initiative.

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Brian Dunn, CMRP, CRL, is vice president of facility maintenance and energy at Americold Logistics, a Dallas-based provider of cold-storage and supply-chain infrastructure and services. In a keynote presentation at MARCON, UT-RMC’S annual maintenance and reliability conference in Knoxville, TN, in March, Dunn discussed critical elements of creating and executing on a reliability vision. First and foremost, he said, is workforce development: identifying, assessing, and developing your team’s most-needed skills. Dunn later elaborated further in a conversation with Plant Services managing editor Christine LaFave Grace.PS: You said, "If you don't develop your people…

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    How often your facility’s electric motors should be lubricated—and how much lubricant they should receive—depends on several factors. When you’re considering electric motor lubrication frequency and quantity, take into account the following:Is the lubricant grease or oil? Is the bearing…

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  • Finding your way when the road to reliability takes a detour

    By Steven Tuttle, CMRP, senior maintenance planner

    My day started on a Monday morning before coffee and before 0600 – my day normally started at 0700 with coffee, but you will see why in a few minutes.We have an extremely reactive plant site with a footprint of more than 500,000 square feet, with 30-plus buildings, four floors minimum per…

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  • Does PM compliance haunt you?

    By Glyn Thorman, maintenance and reliability consultant

    Frank, the maintenance manager, had a request from the plant manager to explain why the site’s preventive maintenance compliance was averaging only 54%. Frank knew that PMs were often pushed aside by emergency work jobs, and, he reasoned, several of the PMs were obsolete or overscheduled. If they…

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  • A Navy perspective on predictive maintenance

    By Bryan Van Itallie, Grace Engineered Products

    “Dive! Dive!” That two-word exclamation, punctuated with the familiar “ah-OOG-ah” alarm, was the signal throughout the ship that we were about to embark on another adventure under the sea. For many sailors, this quickly became routine, but there is nothing routine about submerging an…

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  • Planning to address labor gaps

    By Doc Palmer, PE, CMRP, Richard Palmer and Associates

    With the economy booming, and even before the recent manufacturing acceleration, plants have been experiencing trouble hiring skilled labor. Planning and scheduling maintenance work greatly helps alleviate this trouble—but not in the way one might think.Some persons think that by planning…

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  • How to protect bearings and extend motor life

    By George Gillespie, SEPCO

    The electric motor is central to industrial process equipment. For example, plants may have a large pump population. Therefore, they likely have a large electric motor population driving those pumps. Some examples are.Bakeries blending cake mixes: The blenders and mixers are driven by electric…

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