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Building the manufacturing workforce one veteran at a time
Workforce Development

Building the manufacturing workforce one veteran at a time

"We are taking service members before they start their transition out of the military, we bring them into manufacturing, train them, inculcate them, do everything to prepare them...
Maintenance and reliability skill sets: What are the table stakes in 2024
Workforce Development

Changing maintenance and reliability roles require new skill sets

"I often get asked, 'what is a reliability manager?' It really depends on what company you go to!"
How to prevent EV charger infrastructure downtime

Improving the reliability of the EV charger infrastructure

"For the equipment, the EVSE, the failure of that is pretty low. They are pretty reliable. However, network and communications is a different thing,"
Career Long Learning Can Improve Your Asset Management Function
Asset Management System

Career-long learning can improve your asset management function

David Berger says make your training budget go farther, from maintainer-operator cross training to advanced skills certifications.
New Technologies Impacting The Compressed Air Industry
Compressed Air Systems

New compressed air tech to improve efficiency and operations

"The electricity costs are so going sky high, that's one thing that comes into play when you're calculating the life cycle cost of a compressor, is how much energy it consumes...
New York, Buffalo Manufacturing Sector Feeds The Workforce Pipeline
Workforce Development

Strong workforce pipeline makes Buffalo, New York, a desirable manufacturing destination

A combination of industry, academia, and government have secured the future of manufacturing for the region.
Embrace Ongoing Technical Training As A Best Practice
Industrial Training

Embrace ongoing technical training as a best practice

Adrian Messer says developing your skilled Industry 4.0 workforce can no longer stop at the hiring door.
Mx Ds Capital Program Poised To Address Digital Skills Gap In Maintenance And Operations
Industrial Training

CAPITAL program from MxD to help remedy O&M skills gap

New program, supported by $6.2 million in federal funding, will feature both in-person and virtual learning opportunities
Building The Business Case For Training And Development Investment
Industrial Training

Building the business case for training and development investment

Adrian Messer says follow these guidelines to develop a business case for training and show how you can drive maintenance and reliability efficiency.
Survey Results Maintenance And Reliability Challenges In 2023
Industry Pulse

Survey results: Maintenance and reliability challenges in 2023

Adrian Messer offers guidance on how you and your teams can tackle this year's challenges.
Workforce Development

Simulation training is catching on

Troubleshooting simulations provide a systematic approach to tackle issues and get machinery working.
Workforce Development

3 common plant problems and how to overcome them

Jeff Shiver says clearly define responsibilities and implement a system to track performance and knowledge sharing.
Workforce Development

Workforce training: Equipping employees for long-term success

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Tom Strong discusses the importance of investing in employees for the longer term.
Workforce Development

Investing in yourself: Why personal development is essential for achieving career goals

Jeff Shiver says the perfect environment takes engaged management and individuals who commit to life-long learning.
Workforce Development

Skills assessment solutions help enhance the knowledge of industrial workers

Sheila Kennedy says use these tools to validate industrial knowledge and uncover gaps to increase workforce effectiveness.
Workforce Development

How to leverage apprenticeship programs in the manufacturing industry

Fill the industrial skills gap with programs that benefit employers and new workers.
Workforce Development

Good talent doesn’t leave – it migrates

Explore key issues currently facing the industrial workforce, and some of the challenges involved with recruiting maintenance and reliability professionals.