Voices: Palmer's Planning Corner

docPalmer’s Planning Corner is a monthly column exploring the productivity piece of maintenance. Planning and scheduling allows a plant to complete extra proactive work even when it has its hands full with reactive work. Plant Services Contributing Editor Doc Palmer explains different principles and issues each month to make successful what should be a rewarding endeavor for maintenance.

Perfect pitch: Your maintenance planning elevator speech

You’ve got a minute to explain your maintenance planning objectives. Use it wisely, says Doc Palmer.

By Doc Palmer, PE, CMRP, Richard Palmer and Associates
Nov 7, 2018

“Elevator speeches” are short speeches of a minute or less that aim to persuade someone or explain something. Imagine being in an elevator with a key stakeholder or stakeholders and needing to convey something on which you want buy-in. This ride is your chance to get their undivided attention. Is a minute or less enough?

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