Voices: Palmer's Planning Corner

docPalmer’s Planning Corner is a monthly column exploring the productivity piece of maintenance. Planning and scheduling allows a plant to complete extra proactive work even when it has its hands full with reactive work. Plant Services Contributing Editor Doc Palmer explains different principles and issues each month to make successful what should be a rewarding endeavor for maintenance.

3 surprising parts of good maintenance planning

Doc Palmer says a willingness to implement unusual concepts leads to best-practice programs.

By Doc Palmer, PE, CMRP, Richard Palmer and Associates
Feb 4, 2019

Three unusual concepts make the difference in determining whether a planning program will be successful. Most planning programs are not successful to the point of being frustrating or even counterproductive. It is the fact that these concepts are unusual that gives programs the opportunity to become successful and greatly contribute to plant reliability. These concepts are: (1) pushing planners to plan all of the work, but allowing plans to be imperfect; (2) fully loading weekly schedules, but allowing supervisors to break them; and (3) planning some of the reactive urgent work but never telling supervisors to wait.

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