Voices: Energy Expert

Energy Expert explores the growing range of energy related opportunities and risks facing today’s Energy Manager. Peter Garforth draws from his considerable track record in establishing successful energy productivity programs that create profitable business solutions and enhanced competitiveness.

All part of the (energy management) plan: Accepting ambiguity

Peter Garforth says realities change. Successful energy management teams don’t let this derail their plans.

By Peter Garforth
Nov 5, 2019

The critical first step to achieving world-class energy and climate performance is the approval of a robust integrated energy and climate master plan for a specific site or even the entire company. Such a plan would recommend a comprehensive solution comprising energy management, energy efficiency, energy distribution and on- and off-site supply measures. This plan also would include provisional budgets and other resources and would specify that implementation will occur over a number of years. Even getting to this stage of planning is relatively rare, but this is the easy part compared with the challenge of consistent implementation. It is interesting to explore some of these challenges.

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