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Energy Expert explores the growing range of energy related opportunities and risks facing today’s Energy Manager. Peter Garforth draws from his considerable track record in establishing successful energy productivity programs that create profitable business solutions and enhanced competitiveness.

How and where to strike the jackpot when it comes to reducing energy costs

Peter Garforth says mine your conversion losses for value.

By Peter Garforth
Oct 10, 2018

Conversion losses are often talked about as if they were an immutable fact of life over which we have little control. Recently I hosted a high school intern who was amazed that 60% of all U.S. energy is used converting fuels to usable energy services. Sometimes we need fresh eyes to remind us of some basics. If the conversion of energy services to other forms within a typical factory is included, the share of energy lost is even higher. All of these losses are paid for in one way or another on facilities’ energy bills and should be regularly assessed for opportunities for improvement.

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