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David Berger, P.Eng., has been a contributing editor since 1992, providing advice to management from Maintenance, Engineering and Operations on how to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. His monthly column, Asset Manager, covers a broad range of topics including asset management strategy, CMMS/EAM, asset management best practices, and organizational design issues.

14 keys to securing your CMMS data

David Berger asks "How long could you survive if your network went down?"

By David Berger
Jun 5, 2019

Top of mind for many senior executives and business owners is the security of information systems, including data managed by your CMMS. Whether due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, human error, or malicious acts such as hacking or attacks via computer viruses, the risk of a security breach is rising year over year. Although there is no such thing as a guaranteed fail-safe solution, you can minimize your losses through proper preparedness. Here, we’ll look at 14 ways in which to protect against security breaches.

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