Reliability Reboot

Written by Alex Ferrari, CMRP, this blog is dedicated to the nuts and bolts of implementing a maintenance and reliability program.

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Implement Reliability At Your Plant In Five Easy Steps
Reliability Reboot

Implement reliability at your plant in five easy steps

Forget fixing everything all at once – your goal should be to create breathing room for the reliability effects of proper scheduling and PMs to bear fruit.
Correct Workload Imbalances In Your Maintenance Program To Leverage Lean Principles
Lean Six Sigma

Correct workload imbalances in your maintenance program to leverage Lean principles

To fully leverage Lean, traditional concepts like mura need to be interpreted to fit the maintenance context.

How to survive morning meetings at your manufacturing facility

Morning meetings can be tense. That’s because the maintenance representative has to provide spot updates on a wide range of topics, some that relate to critical jobs like a downed...

What Tom Hanks knows about maintenance and reliability

Whether your maintenance team is large and corporate or small and nimble, here’s what each type can learn from the other.

Predictive maintenance primer: Transitioning from a reactive to proactive state

The recommendations in this primer come with a low price tag and require no special training.

Want to start reducing wasteful processes? Focus on supply chain

For smaller maintenance teams, better supplier relationships can lead to quick cost savings and improved reliability.

Reliability: The gap between theory and practice

Reliability is an industry at once half a century old and still struggling to emerge.

Scheduling without a scheduler

Scheduling is one of the cornerstones of a modern maintenance department, and is what sets apart proactive and reactive facilities.

Make it stick: Are the reliability improvements you’ve implemented fleeting or permanent?

A successful program must be independent of specific personnel – including those responsible for its implementation.

Who to hire: A reliability or maintenance engineer?

It’s tough enough to get new full-time positions approved, and combined positions may make ore sense for your plant.

Leadership lessons from Dale Carnegie and Sun Tzu

The Art of War and How to Win Friends and Influence People are, at their core, similar takes on the essential goals of leadership.

Why investing in time management pays the biggest returns

The transition to proactive maintenance should start with optimizing the most important one you already have: time.