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The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Graffiti-fighting drone is making maintenance workers’ jobs easier and safer 

May 17, 2024
Mike Gauger, a WSDOT maintenance superintendent, came up with the idea after working with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge team, which used drones for bridge inspections.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Boston Dynamics creates Muppet-like fur costume for its Spot robot and teaches it to dance

May 3, 2024
What do you get when you combine the playful humanity of Jim Henson with the practical ingenuity of Boston Dynamics?
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

3D printers are helping surgeons create custom cranial implants

April 26, 2024
Now I know that if I suffer a severe injury, especially to my skull, all I really need is a 3D printer.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Manufacturing in space, the final frontier 

April 19, 2024
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is redefining the future of robotics with its research on in-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing (ISAM).
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Can gamification make manufacturing more fun?

April 11, 2024
A recent study claims that completion rates for monotonous assembly tasks increased when framed as playing a game.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Industry infographics

April 8, 2024
Get the manufacturing data and industrial insights you need to make the right decisions for your plant.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

3 ways 3D printing is becoming better, faster, and stronger

April 5, 2024
The field of additive manufacturing is continuously evolving.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Watch engineers turn fantasy builds into reality, one video at a time

March 31, 2024
See how industry professionals are using their talents in their free time to design and build a more whimsical world.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Mercedes-Benz hires humanoid robots to help workers on the plant floor 

March 22, 2024
Possible uses for the robot include bringing parts to production line workers, inspecting components, and delivering totes of kitted parts later in the manufacturing process. ...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Chameleon-inspired 3D printing technique uses one ink to print different colors, including red, gold, and green

Feb. 23, 2024
The natural world is the greatest source of inspiration for engineers, designers, and creators alike.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Inventors of Transformers toys help design Japanese lunar robot

Jan. 26, 2024
The SORA-Q was jointly developed by Takara TOMY, a toy company; the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Sony Group; and Doshisha University.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Turn your manufacturing defects into profit: How Sweethearts rebranded its blurry conversation hearts  

Jan. 12, 2024
For a limited time, the company is offering Situationship Boxes, which feature blurry, misprinted candies that are as hard to read as a real situationship.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

3D printer uses lasers and cameras to print intricate designs with a wider variety of materials

Dec. 15, 2023
Researchers from MIT, the MIT spinout Inkbit, and ETH Zurich have been diligently working on a new 3D inkjet printer that will change what types of projects can be printed and...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Shape-shifting fibers expand and contract based on body temperature 

Dec. 1, 2023
Based on liquid crystal elastomers, the FibeRobo fiber can be embedded or structured into textiles.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Roll up: Pangolin-inspired robot is designed to travel within the human body

Nov. 10, 2023
Recently, researchers have turned to the pangolin with its unique overlapping scales as a model for the latest technical innovation.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

DexR robot stacks packages onto FedEx trailers with Tetris-like precision

Oct. 20, 2023
While loading packages may seem like a simple task, the reality is that deciding how to stack boxes of various sizes, shapes, weights, and packaging materials can be extremely...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie MilliMobile robot runs on light and radio waves

Sept. 29, 2023
What if you could deploy a micro robot no bigger than a coin to investigate issues at your facility and wirelessly transmit data from attached sensors to help you make more informed...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Automated restaurants are precise, popular, and profitable. Just ask sweetgreen.

Sept. 22, 2023
Sweetgreen opened its first robotic restaurant in Naperville, Illinois, earlier this year and called it Infinite Kitchen.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Meet the Mold-A-Rama machine, 3D printing’s older, kitschy cousin

Sept. 7, 2023
What happens when you combine a vending machine with plastic injection molding and add in a pinch of mid-century flair?
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Clothes made from carbon emissions may be coming to a Walmart near you soon

Aug. 18, 2023
Recently, Rubi announced that it will be partnering with Walmart to bring its innovative ideas and message to the masses.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Why program robots when you can control them with your mind instead?

Aug. 4, 2023
This might sound like a futuristic concept, but a new study illustrates just how close we are to applying brain-computer interface technology in everyday life.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Holy guacamole! Chipotle is using robots to cut, core, and peel avocados

July 21, 2023
Chipotle Mexican Grill has hopped on the automation bandwagon and is testing out a new cobot with the potential to slash prep times and optimize everyone’s favorite taco topping...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

I don’t think you’re ready for this jellyfish-inspired robot that can clean the ocean floor

July 5, 2023
These enticing invertebrates might be the solution to our oceanic pollution problems.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Robots are fighting deforestation in the Amazon, one seed at a time

June 23, 2023
Every day, it seems, robots are gaining new and innovative skills that were unimaginable only a few years ago.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Self-healing clothes may become a reality thanks to fungi

June 9, 2023
Researchers from Newcastle University and Northumbria University in the U.K. are pushing the envelop of sustainable fashion by utilizing the threads produced by fungi to create...
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Robotics and AI: From the plant floor to your local fast-food restaurant

May 26, 2023
Wendy's plans to use an underground autonomous robot system to deliver food to hungry customers in the parking lot.
The Lighter Side of Manufacturing

Looking for a snack? Try a rechargeable, edible battery

May 12, 2023
Researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) have used products found in many pantries to develop a rechargeable, edible battery.