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Workforce Development

Building a future in engineering, one FIRST LEGO League at a time

"It gave us this tangible exposure to what we could be doing for the rest of our lives if we so choose."
Workforce Development

Plant Services 2019 Workforce Survey: What have you done for me lately?

Amid labor crunch, readers say employers can do a better job promoting career development.
STEM Education

How do you solve the skills gap? Ask next-gen workers.

Scholarship winner, 22, is manufacturing and design mentor for high school engineering-competition teams
STEM Education

'Oh, wow, look what she did' — Increasing gender equity in manufacturing

In this Big Picture Interview, Amanda Saam explains why she left an industry job for a teaching role.
STEM Education

Helping new hires succeed

In this Big Picture Interview, Anne Lucietto saw a skills gap in new hires, so she went back to school to address it.
Changing Workforce

Expanding and maintaining diversity in manufacturing: Ideas and best practices

Where and how a company recruits matters, and the job isn't done when new hires walk through the door
Smart Manufacturing

Putman Media announces its inaugural class of Influential Women in Manufacturing

From 100 nominations received, 22 women are honored for their outstanding work and inspiring leadership in the field
Changing Workforce

Manufacturing Hiring 101: Stop chasing unicorns

In this Big Picture Interview, Mollie Dowling explores how current and looming labor shortages demand more-strategic hiring, retention efforts.
Leadership Skills

How to attract women to industrial careers

A combination of awareness, advocacy, encouragement, and mentoring go a long way.
Changing Workforce

Simulating their way to success

In this installment of What Works, Whirlpool's partnership with UMich students pays off in process improvement.
Big Data Analytics

An Rx for the pains in your assets

In this Big Picture Interview, a business-academia partnership aims to help companies prioritize asset tasks.
Career Development

Why diversity is good for business

Learn how diversity and inclusion lead to better business results.
Career Development

Women tech leaders: New perspectives, more-robust solutions

Female leaders in technology and industrial production share their perspectives on the evolution of smart manufacturing and the unique voices that women bring to the table.
Career Development

Are internships the key to closing the skills gap?

Internships can be valuable for both students and the industry.
STEM Education

10 STEM initiatives inspiring students this summer

STEM summer programs aim to stoke students' interest in science and tech careers.