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Energy Expert explores the growing range of energy related opportunities and risks facing today’s energy manager. Peter Garforth draws from his considerable track record in establishing successful energy productivity programs that create profitable business solutions and enhanced competitiveness.

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Energy Management

‘Indirect’ energy: A holistic view of industrial energy use, impact, and cost

Peter Garforth says your company must manage an increasingly comprehensive understanding of energy consumption.
Energy Management

How a confluence of crises could affect your plant's energy management strategy

Peter Garforth says the Russian invasion of Ukraine should be prompting organizations to revisit their energy plans.
Energy Management

One company’s journey to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

Peter Garforth says there’s no secret to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it takes top-to-bottom planning.
Energy Management

Reuse and recycle your industrial energy plan

Peter Garforth says out-dated energy use plans may just need an update to save time and money.