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Big Picture Interview is a Q&A series featuring industy thought leaders.

Change management: Win the 98% to get the job done

“Create those small opportunities where lots of people can participate, lots of people can see improvements.”

By Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor
Dec 4, 2019

Michelle Ledet Henley is president of TMG Frontline Solutions, a Humble, TX-based change management consultancy. She also serves as principal at The Manufacturing Game[http://www.mfg-game.com], for which she develops simulation-based workshops designed to help plant personnel visualize reliability-related changes their facility is looking to make. In a presentation on defect elimination at the SMRP annual conference, Ledet Henley relayed the story of an a-ha moment she had in a conversation with a refinery manager in Singapore. She elaborated on the experience in an interview for the Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Workforce podcast.

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