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CAGI Data Sheets Provide Apples-to-Apples Compressed Air Comparison

Comparing compressed performance across different manufacturers has long been a difficult task. For years, it was easy to present data that was accurate but potentially misleading...
Comprehensive Air Assessments
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Comprehensive Air Assessments: The 5-Step Process

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that air compressors use as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the United States. Further, The DOE calculates that as much as ...
Applying Variable Speed
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Applying Variable Speed Drive Compressors in Multiple Compressor Applications

In Kaeser Compressors' whitepaper, "Applying Variable Speed Compressors in Multiple Compressor Applications,” system design expert, Neil Mehltretter, provides guidance on how ...
Compressed Air Systems Leaks
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Compressed Air System Leaks

Imagine leaving your doors and windows open during the coldest winter days. Your furnace would run nonstop to try and heat your house. Your energy bill would skyrocket and your...
The Proper Application
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The Proper Application of Pressure/Flow Controls

Whether you call them intermediate controls, flow controls, pressure/flow controls, demand expanders, or any other name, the proper application of them has always been a bit confusing...
Turning Air Compressors
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Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source

The rise in energy prices is an unwelcome reality in today’s manufacturing and business environment. While the rate of price increases for natural gas, heating oil, and other ...