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From the Editor is a monthly opinion of the latest trends and innovations in the world of plant maintenance, reliability, engineering, and production. Look to Plant Services Chief Editor Thomas Wilk for his insights on what really matters to plant managers.

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Ten years after: How the industry has changed before our eyes
Workforce Development

Ten years after: How the industry has changed before our eyes

Thomas WIlk explores the link between a famous concert and industrial reliability.
AI or not to AI: How artificial intelligence is changing the industry
Artificial Intelligence

AI or not to AI: How artificial intelligence is changing the industry

Thomas Wilk says with each successful implementation, the question is increasingly moot.
Industry Disruptors Unpacking The Impact Of Electric Vehicles And Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Industry disruptors: Unpacking the impact of electric vehicles and predictive maintenance

Thomas Wilk says EVs will remake service stations the same way that PdM changed plants.
Notes From The Road Lessons Learned From This Year's Industry Events
From the Editor

Notes from the road: Lessons learned from this year's industry events

Thomas Wilk shares hot tips from 2023’s MARCON, Xcelerate, and Leading Reliability events.
Do The Right Work To Decrease Downtime And Improve Morale At Your Plant

Do the right work to decrease downtime and improve morale at your plant

Thomas Wilk says be the effective force multiplier you wish to see on the plant floor.
Why Being A Good Mentor Is Good For Business
Leadership Skills

Why being a good mentor is good for business

Thomas Wilk says when you grow your team, you also grow your business and yourself.
How The Right Partner Can Help You On Your Digital Transformation Journey

How the right partner can help you on your digital transformation journey

Thomas Wilk says even the toughest loads are easier to bear with a partner and a plan.
Energy Management

How sci-fi fandom led to a career in industry

Thomas Wilk, our resident science fiction fan, considers his own alternate engineering future.

Oh, the places you’ll go in pursuit of maintenance and reliability improvements

Thomas Wilk says if your company is OK with event travel again, here’s some great options.
Leadership Skills

Inspiration + perspiration: How to step up as a team leader

Thomas Wilk says it’s time to be the leader you want to follow.

New year, new opportunity to tackle your maintenance and reliability goals

Thomas Wilk's resolutions include running, reading more books, and earning the CMRP.