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3D Printing

Face the future: How 6 companies are using revolutionary technologies to accelerate business value

Six industrial case studies showcase early successes in 3D parts printing, machine learning, and AR/VR innovations.
Podcast: 4 ways 3D printing and robotics are reinventing the healthcare industry

Podcast: 4 ways 3D printing and robotics are reinventing the healthcare industry

In this episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast, Laura Davis from New Equipment Digest investigates how new technologies that are staples in the manufacturing space...
3D Printing

How COVID-19 sparked a new maker Hub

In this Big Picture Interview, Mara Hitner examines how the surge in demand for PPE during the coronavirus pandemic has given renewed purpose to 3D printers.
Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing reaches new heights

Sheila Kennedy says further advances in 3D printing materials, technologies propel making on demand.
Smart Manufacturing

Three game-changers for the manufacturing industry in 2018

IoT being built into product design, manufacturers adopting a more service-centric business model, and 3D printing reaching the tipping point of realizing business benefits on...
3D Printing

3D printing: Workforce recruiting tool?

In this Big Picture Interview, Richard Grylls examines how 3D printing can help change perceptions of manufacturing.
3D Printing

Where could 3D printing work for my company?

“Just because you can 3D-print something doesn’t mean you should.”
3D Printing

Whose fault is it if a 3D-printed product fails?

And how can you protect your designs? Intellectual property lawyer Maya Eckstein shares her perspective.
3D Printing

From 3D printing to the IIoT, it’s not about who you know...

Thomas Wilk explores how technologies are taking the work out of being found and revealing new process efficiencies along the way.
3D Printing

Democratization and glorious data: The future of American manufacturing

U.S., Italian leaders from industry and academia call for shaking up manufacturing with more production flexibility, better collaboration
3D Printing

Keep your machines running with 3D-printed parts

How 3D printers are improving uptime and machine performance.
3D Printing

IFS World Conference 2015: Disrupt or be disrupted

Think beyond new technologies themselves to broader landscape shifts for manufacturing and the workforce, IFSWoCo panelists urge
3D Printing

ATOS Triple Scan 16M industrial high precision blue light 3D scanner

The ATOS Triple Scan 16M is the latest addition to the ATOS portfolio of high precision blue light 3D scanners.
3D Printing

Top 5 ways 3D printing will revolutionize your plant

Here are the top 5 article you need to read to better understand 3D printing and how it can be useful in your plant.