Supply Chain Management

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How COVID permanently changed the global supply chain
Supply Chain Management

How COVID permanently changed the global supply chain

"Every time I made a prediction, the thing that I thought was just a completely unreasonable answer ended up being what happened."
Sustainability Across The Supply Chain Good For Business And The Environment

Sustainability across the supply chain: Good for business and the environment

How General Mills optimized grain delivery to focus on specialty products.
Survey Results Maintenance And Reliability Challenges In 2023
Industry Pulse

Survey results: Maintenance and reliability challenges in 2023

Adrian Messer offers guidance on how you and your teams can tackle this year's challenges.
Condition Monitoring

Common challenges to machine health and ways to overcome them

In this podcast episode, James Newman explores the results of a recent study on avoiding unexpected downtime and minimizing planned downtime.
Condition Monitoring

Machine health is business health

But do frontline workers and their executive counterparts agree on the challenges facing plants today?
Supply Chain Management

Is a just-in-time supply chain realistic?

Plants are embracing digital solutions to overcome real-life transportation obstacles and growing lead times for parts.

New for 2022: Artificial intelligence and machine learning for preventive maintenance optimization

In this installment of Automation Zone, learn how trends will include increased uptake of remote condition monitoring and continued focus on cybersecurity.

Top trends and technologies impacting industry in 2022

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Aaron Merkin examines how the average plant can take action in 2022.
Supply Chain Management

How to avoid storeroom analysis paralysis

KPIs are useful to manage your inventory and spare parts use, but also be sure to keep everyone on your team headed in the same direction.
Industrial Automation

The future of supply chain management and industrial remote work

In this installment of Ask An Integrator, our panel checks their crystal ball to find out what next year holds in two key industrial areas.
Inventory Management

Is your storeroom supporting your maintenance goals?

In an age of supply chain uncertainty, now is the time to review and improve your approach to storeroom management.
Supply Chain Management

Preparing for disruptions and building a more resilient supply chain

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Per Hong explores the impact of supply chain disruptions on manufacturers.
Supply Chain Management

Are you prepared for the next supply chain disruption?

In this Big Picture Interview, a supply chain expert explains why hurricanes, wildfires, and pandemics may no longer be the exception.
Supply Chain Management

How are you mitigating supply chain risk?

Communication and granular data keep supply chains on track.
Lean Six Sigma

Are reliability woes keeping you up at night?

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Peter Christian shares his thoughts on the many shades of maintenance in the post-COVID age.
Supply Chain Management

The post-COVID Hydra: Supply chain and workforce woes

Thomas Wilk says the only thing harder to find than spares may be the people to use them.
Supply Chain Management

Supply chain improvements top list of manufacturing initiatives

In this Big Picture Interview, a new survey reveals that the pandemic has accelerated digital technology adoption, especially 5G.