Allied Motion's DPFlex II sensorless brushless drive offers higher speed capability

April 27, 2015
Allied Motion's DPFlex II is the second generation of our innovative, patented digital sensorless brushless motor drive series.

Allied Motion's DPFlex II is the second generation of digital sensorless brushless motor drive series. The DPFlex II adds higher speed capability (up to 150,000 RPM), a higher bus voltage capability, the ability to drive lower impedance motors and convenient software-settable rotation direction.

Key features of the DPFlex II:

  • DPFlex sensorless control means reduced wiring complexity and cost without sacrificing performance
  • Drives delta- or wye-connected at brushless motors up to 150,000 RPM
  • Outputs up to 48 V and 30 A peak (1200 W output power) to drive a wide range of motors
  • Broad 20:1 speed control range – competitive units are typically capable of only 10:1
  • Full protection against most faults, including thermal overload.

The DPFlex II's patented technology enables detection of motor rotor position at standstill for reliable starting without rotor movement and while under load. The result is robust, stable motor operation at reduced cost compared to sensored motor drives. The DPFlex II boasts performance levels exceeding even those of conventional Hall-commutated drives.

Allied Motion provides complimentary DP.D Windows-based software for the DPFlex II. The software auto-calculates optimum current loop settings for the motor and enables easy setting of inputs and outputs on the drive, and provides a four-channel oscilloscope tool that is able to log system register data in real time.