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  • Contributing author earns manufacturing award

    Scotty Lippert Jr. of Clopay Corp., a contributing author to Plant Services, was recently named the 2007 Kentucky Manufacturing Employee of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers. He received the award at the organization’s Seventh Annual Manufacturer of the Year Award Presentation and Annual Meeting Luncheon. Watch Scotty talk about his world-class maintenance practices.

  • Reduce turnover, increase profits

    Tom Moriarty explains what it takes to attract and keep qualified workers, and how employee retention rates affect companies' profitability.

    Tom Moriarty, P.E., CMRP
  • Top Web destinations of 2007

    Users are on a constant search for information, according to the most visited destinations on PlantServices.com in 2007.

    Michael Ermitage, Senior Editor, Digital Media
  • Know your position

    Encoders can handle the environment, the application and size limitations

    Sheila Kennedy
  • Bad maintenance as destructive as terrorism

    A recent pipeline explosion is just another disaster on U.S. soil that could have been prevented by solid maintenance practices, writes Paul Studebaker, Editor in Chief.

    Paul Studebaker, CMRP, Editor in Chief
  • In the Trenches: Allergic crusader campaigns until fired

    An Acme employee with a severe allergy to perfumes and other artificial fragrances repeatedley campaigns his cause to HR, until he's finally fired. Find out the full story and remember, only the names are changed to protect the innocent.

  • Management excellence a snap with people skills and CMMS

    Contributing Editor David Berger, P.Eng., says frontline supervisors are absolutely critical in ensuring the success of any major change initiative, such as implementing a new CMMS or getting more out of an existing one.

    David Berger
  • Under pressure, manufacturers cook

    Managing Editor Ken Schnepf reports the results of two studies that say manufacturers are optimistic about the future, but they're losing confidence in the U.S. economy.

    Ken Schnepf, Managing Editor
  • Combat surging energy costs

    Surging energy costs have facility engineers, managers and maintenance supervisors looking for ways to make plants more efficient. The most logical place to start is with the boiler system to get control of the Steamer, one of three energy-wasting villains called the D-Energizers.

    Steve Connor
  • Special-purpose encoders meet your specific needs

    Encoders are being designed and engineered to meet increasingly specific needs. Space considerations, environmental factors and applications come into play when determining which encoder is best suited for a given job.

    Sheila Kennedy
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