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lead tom moriartyHuman Capital is a monthly column for plant managers, department managers, supervisors and aspiring leaders. This column provides a blend of leadership and organizational development concepts with practical applications and insight. Look for Plant Services Contributing Editor Tom Moriarty for leadership topics to expand your leadership toolkit.

Leadership for the long-timers

Managing teams that have been “doing this for decades”? Strive for mutual respect, says Tom Moriarty.

By Tom Moriarty
Dec 3, 2018

Every time I get in front of a crowd, I invite people to share a leadership situation they’ve encountered that I might be able to use as a basis for this column. (That goes for you readers, as well; feel free to send me your ideas.) During the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Annual Conference in October, I gave a one-day version of my Getting Traction Through Productive Leadership workshop. The attendees were a good mix of young supervisors and more “experienced” managers. And yes, when I use the term “experienced,” I mean older folks.

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