Siemens' Simotics XP100 explosion-proof motor has been updated with new features

The North-American made Simotics XP100 explosion-proof motor is designed to deliver safety, versatility, efficiency, and easy accessibility, and it has recently been updated to deliver even more.

Service Factor 1.15 and temperature code T3C at 55ºC (standard)

Get all three features in the same motor at the same time without de-rating. The internal temperature rise in the XP100 is relatively low, so a low surface temperature (T3C) and high service factor (1.15) are possible even at a high ambient temperature of 55 degrees C. This is now standard for all XP100 through frame size 320T. Other frames have different increased performance values.

Close-coupled pump motor type JP (optional)

The JP designation is for motors designed to meet specific close-coupled pump applications where the impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Motors with this option meet the dimension and tolerance requirements of NEMA MG-1 for JP designation. Of course they still carry all the other certifications and features of the standard XP100 motors of equivalent size. This new option is available on frame sizes 180 and 210.

IEC EX Certification (optional)

IEC EX is an international standard certification similar to hazardous location certifications according to UL. Adding this option to an XP100 means the motor is now certified and labeled according to both IEC Ex scheme for hazardous location in Zone 1, Ex de IIB T3 and UL standards. This dual-labeled motor is recognized and accepted in 32 countries. This means it is no longer necessary to have a NEMA design or an IEC design for these different areas. The same dual-rated motor works for both. This is a very practical feature for oil and gas platforms and other equipment or facilities moving to different parts of the world. It is available for all frame sizes.

Auxiliary explosion proof condulet off of main conduit box base (optional)

This option provides an auxiliary conduit box attached to the main conduit box and serves as a termination point for internally installed options such as PTCs, space heaters, etc. It maintains all XP100 ratings for hazardous location certifications, IP ratings, etc. It is available for frame sizes 210 to 440.

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