Twin Disc's HP800 hydraulically actuated PTO has a maximum power rating of 800 hp at 1,800 rpm

Twin Disc's latest addition is the HP800, a middle horsepower range option in its industrial lineup of heavy-duty, hydraulically actuated power take-offs (PTOs). With a maximum power rating of 800 hp at 1,800 rpm, the HP800 is built to deliver serious muscle where other PTOs would falter.

Like Twin Disc’s first hydraulically actuated PTO, the HP1200, the HP800 has a modular design allowing for either side-load "P" or in-line "I" applications with the change of bearing carriers. An advanced control system allows for smooth engagement of the driven equipment.

A key feature of the HP800 is the auxiliary drive pump towers with 400 hp maximum capacity per tower, or 450 hp maximum for both. They're rotatable by 0°, 45° and 90°, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, to allow for clearance in any installation. Optional speed increase ratios of 0.77:1 and 0.83:1 are available.

Pads and splines are interchangeable to accommodate varying pump sizes. Sizes SAE A through SAE E are available.

A popular option that can be built into the HP800 is an integrated reservoir. Unlike a separate, externally mounted unit, it saves space and reduces installation cost. This design allows for the installation of the standard charge/lube pump on a separate pad, freeing up all four auxiliary pads for customer use.

A spring applied, hydraulically released brake (SAHR) has been added as a standard feature. An integral, mechanical brake release allows the output shaft to be rotated if the driven equipment becomes jammed. A high-capacity brake with control logic is offered as an option. It slows the output when driving large masses in a shorter amount of time.

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