Siemens high-speed induction motors allow operation at a fixed point above 3600 rpm

Siemens high-speed induction motors offered in the 500, 580 and 680 frame sizes are unique because they utilize standard motor components in a different way to allow operation at a fixed point above 3600 rpm. One of the benefits is there are no highly specialized components like active magnetic bearings or permanent magnet rotors required in the motor design. This product has a modified ventilation or cooling circuit to eliminate excess motor heating while operating at speeds up to 6000rpm. The bearing design was altered as well to allow for the necessary cooling required for high speed operation. The rotor and shaft assembly was altered to eliminate mechanical components susceptible to high stress concentrations while maintaining the necessary interference fits to prevent vibration. The rotor and shaft assembly is also balanced at operating speed to ensure proper rotor balance on a state of the art high speed balancer for reliable and safe field operation. Users will enjoy the smaller footprint which will help reduce installation and maintenance costs by helping keep the project on schedule and on budget. Operating at higher speeds utilizing induction motors can even allow for less permitting by allowing the re-use of existing driven equipment which has already received permits. In these cases, the project timeline and upfront costs can be reduced significantly.

1706 siemens
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