Rexnord develops IIoT Smart Gear Drive

Rexnord has developed its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart Gear Drive. The Falk V-Class digitally connected solution monitors oil health in real-time and detects vibration, load, speed, and throughput. The internet-connected edge gear drive has the capacity to translate product performance data and analytics into alert recommended actions — and become a fully predictable model for optimal asset management.

A suite of digital technology is built into and around this IIoT V-Class gear offering to make customers’ jobs easier:

  • Network connectivity — The Falk V-Class IIoT Smart Gear Drive communicates condition of gear drive to local and remote personnel with visual indicators and Andon lighting
  • Secure data collection — Data specific to the ongoing performance of the Falk V-Class Smart Gear Drive is collected in real-time and stored in the cloud via IIoT-connected edge device
  • Accessibility — Local and remote data accessibility, available on networks, PCs, and a variety of mobile devices
  • Analytics — Product data/analytics build a fully predictive maintenance model and provides advice for the end users by use of patent-pending algorithms
  • GPS tagging — The location of your V-Class IIoT Smart Gear Drive is identified within 50 feet utilizing GPS location tagging
  • Smart sensors — Detect oil conditions, excess vibration, load, and speed status through the integrated IIoT smart sensors
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