ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL Symmetrical motor and drive cable is designed for high horsepower applications

The Lapp Group is now offering its ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL Symmetrical motor and drive cable for high horsepower applications—including pumps, compressors, conveyors, elevators, extruders, and more. Rated for voltages as high as 2,000 V, this large-gauge cable offers three symmetrical grounds and features a helical copper tape shield.

This oil- and UV-resistant cable delivers a minimum bend radius of 15 x cable diameter. It also offers a low-capacitance design, a test voltage of 6000 V, and class B stranded wire conductors.

The cable’s construction includes bare stranded copper conductors, XLPE plus insulation, three bare stranded copper grounds, and the helical copper tape shielding. In addition, a specially-formulated black thermoplastic elastomer jacket provides extended temperature resistance from -40 to +105°C for stationary use and -25 to +105°C for flexible use.

This cable meets key approvals including:

  • CE (50V - 1kV)
  • RoHS
  • TC-ER per UL 1277
  • WTTC per UL 2277
  • UL Oil Res I/II
  • 90°C Wet or Dry
  • -40°C Cold Bend, -25°C Cold Impact
  • Canadian CIC/TC rating (1 AWG - 4/0)
Product Type:
Lapp Group