Atlas Copco's CD+ 25-260 and CD 25-260 heatless desiccant dryers increase efficiency and reliable operation

Atlas Copco is introducing the CD+ 25-260 and the CD 25-260, two new dryer ranges designed for flexible compressed air solutions. The heatless desiccant dryers increase efficiency and reliable operation, even in harsh conditions.

The CD+ delivers the highest efficiency for applications that require a constant supply of dry compressed air. It offers minimal purge loss and pressure drop at a constant pressure dew point of -40 °F or as low as -100 °F with standard configurations. The CD 25-260 provides a constant pressure dew point of -40 °F.

The new CD+ and CD are available in inlet capacities from 50 cfm to 550 cfm so customers can select an option that meets their specific needs. While most dryers only work at 70 percent to 80 percent of their capacity, the CD+ and CD are designed to reliably perform at a 100 percent airflow.

The CD+ and CD come with a new type of manifold. Its electronically-operated 3/2 valve ensures dependable tower switching, even during changing flow conditions. With large flow paths,the units offer a very low pressure drop – below 2.9 psi for most models. Its novel strainer with “swirl” technology distributes optimal airflow from the manifold and decreases uneven wear of the desiccant.

The CD+ and CD are suited for applications with a high inlet air temperature and outdoor weather-protected installations. They come with desiccant bags that allow for quick replacement and outside service panels for easy maintenance. The CD+ and CD also also include optional nozzles for optimizing the regeneration pressure to a customer’s process.

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