Plant Nexus

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A new life for discarded masks: Turning PPE into furniture

In a recent video, the YouTube channel Brothers Make demonstrates how to turn plastic PPE into an all-weather bench.

Manufacturing fail: 3D-printed engine fan explodes spectacularly

Not every prototype can be a success, but few models self-destruct as fabulously as this fan.

DIY squirrel obstacle course proves the need for an all-squirrel Ocean’s 11

YouTuber Mark Rober has created a sequel video to his original squirrel maze.

Need pizza? Build a compass that directs you to the nearest pizza parlor

In a recent video, Joe Grand for the YouTube channel WIRED demonstrates how to build a compass that guides you to the closest pizza place.

Keep your valuables safe with a DIY puzzle

In a recent video, Bob from the YouTube channel I Like To Make Stuff demonstrates how to install a wall safe with an added puzzle safety feature.

Transform stainless steel rods into a decorative stool just in time for Mother’s Day

In a recent video, YouTuber create demonstrates how to twist metal rods into a breathtaking, adjustable stool.