DIY squirrel obstacle course proves the need for an all-squirrel Ocean’s 11

May 21, 2021
YouTuber Mark Rober has created a sequel video to his original squirrel maze.

Everybody loves a sequel. Whether it’s a new season of your favorite TV show or another movie in a beloved franchise, a sequel can be a great way to take a small idea and grow it exponentially, introducing new environments, new characters and new hurdles to be overcome. It’s like creating an obstacle course for squirrels in your backyard in an effort to protect your bird feeder, only to increase the number and complexity of the obstacles one year later. That’s right, YouTuber Mark Rober has created a sequel video to his original squirrel maze. And if you though his first attempt at a squirrel-sized labyrinth was over-engineered and ridiculous, wait until you see his latest nine-part course, which pays homage to some of Hollywood’s greatest heist movies. 

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