Boge launches a range of oil-free piston compressors with maximized free air delivery and minimum energy consumption

May 6, 2015
Boge America Inc., presents the new PO (Piston Oil-free) range of modular, oil-free piston compressors which cover the power rating spectrum of 2.2 to 5.5 kW for 10 and 15 bar.

Boge America Inc., presents the new PO (Piston Oil-free) range of modular, oil-free piston compressors which cover the power rating spectrum of 2.2 to 5.5 kW for 10 and 15 bar, are extremely economical in use, and offer numerous options for adapting to specific applications. The new piston compressors have a compact design, are absolutely oil-free, provide the highest degree of reliability, and ensure the simplest possible maintenance.

Almost 90 years of experience in the manufacture of piston compressors have proved invaluable, yet again, in the development of Boge's new PO range. The full advantages of the new compressor range are particularly evident in situations requiring smaller and more flexibly available quantities of compressed air. The piston compressors perform outstandingly when required to meet fluctuating compressed-air demands and are designed to cope with numerous starts and stops during operation. For the user, this means that the compressors have no limitations regarding permissible duty cycles and can be operated in continuous or intermittent mode.

Minimum wear with increased air delivery

Thanks to the high precision engineering of the new PO range, the dead space at the cylinder head is minimized. The user therefore profits from a significantly higher free air delivery rate, improved volumetric efficiency and maximum operating efficiency. The direct-drive compressor units are specially designed to ensure a long service life and to operate with a low piston speed. This minimizes vibration and wear and increases efficiency since there is less heat of compression. Furthermore, the low piston speed of 3 m/s guarantees outstanding durability. An innovative piston bearing lubrication system ensures good, long-term lubrication, and thus extends the service life of the compressor. The only maintenance work required is the occasional change of filters, and this can be done in-house.

V-principle: compact, lightweight design for flexible use

The days of large, immovable piston compressors are gone. Lightweight designs with a much wider range of possible applications are now the order of the day. The robust construction and smooth, quiet operation of the new Boge piston compressors, along with the compact dimensions achieved with the space-saving V-configuration cylinder, and close-fitting spiral tube cooler, are the main reasons why these compressors are used - even for special applications such as mobile snowmaking. However, other branches that require an absolutely reliable supply of oil-free compressed air also profit from the new PO range compressors. Whether in the medical equipment or pharmaceutical branches, or in paint shops, mining or waste water and sewage treatment, the range of applications for these new models is practically unlimited. For environmentally friendly compressed air, Boge uses specially coated pistons and piston rings, specially developed cylinder liners, and hermetically sealed crankshaft bearings that make it impossible for oil to enter the compressed air.

Optimized cooling air

The closed hood design of the PO range ensures one hundred percent safety and dust protection. The cooling air inlet port is generously dimensioned for maximum efficiency and to keep the components at a low temperature. The closed design of the lightweight and heat-resistant ABS plastic hood not only significantly improves safety - the PO range complies with EN 1012-1 "Compressors and vacuum pumps - Safety requirements" - but also ensures a long service life and minimum wear. This is because the optimized flow of air within the hood also reduces the temperature during operation.

Modular design ensures an attractive price

The intelligently designed modular system allows Boge to offer its customers a wide spectrum of additional options at an attractive price. Depending on their specific requirements, customers can choose between a basic compressor unit, a compressor with compressed air receiver, complete systems with refrigerant dryer and receiver, and twin units on top of a receiver.
In total, Boge offers 28 different variations.