Supply Chain Joe

From the DC to the blogosphere, industry veteran Joe Limbaugh shares his unique insights and observations of the distribution world, often with a touch of humor. Joe has been with industrial distributor Motion Industries since 1983, and is currently Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Operations Support and Marketing.


Get ready for tomorrow by making a plan today

In this ever-connected world we live in, the line between work and home life has become blurred.

Don’t let the aisle of misfit inventory get a toehold in your storeroom

When you decide to tackle this project, remember it is an ongoing process and must be reviewed as new equipment is added, and other older equipment removed.

Why making meaningful connections is more important now than ever before

If we work together, take care of one another, and focus on the positives, we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

The game plan for success: Leverage data, get organized and use your time wisely

Keeping information to yourself is not job security. Stay the same, and you get the same or less every time – not a smart game plan.

How to build trust at your plant through transparency

Be the person who promotes your company and protects the company from the goblins of surprise that seek to harm your business.

Taking inventory of personal stock: Charles Dickens had it right

Annual reflections are good for business, good for relationships, and good for the soul.