Hamilton Caster's Ergo Caster Series is ergonomically designed

Hamilton Caster announces a new lineup of ergonomic casters, wheels, and related accessories. The new running gear is designed to satisfy high standards established by leading ergonomists and safety managers in today’s manufacturing environments.  

The new Ergo Caster Series is a marriage of Hamilton’s best rolling and quietest polyurethane wheels mounted in Hamilton’s newest Spinfinity maintenance-free kingpinless casters. The ergo casters feature three different polyurethane wheel types: 1) The Ergo-Tech is the easiest wheel to push with the best (lowest) push/pull force and it’s rounded polyurethane tread and aluminum core works well in lightweight and non-rigorous environments. 2) The Ergo-Glide provides a respectable push/pull force and with its heavy-duty cast iron core is more durable and recommended for tougher environments. 3) The premium polyurethane tread Ultralast is reserved for those toughest application where all else fails.  The high cost Ultralast outperforms the other two wheel types.

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