Trelleborg's HiMod Slydring HC wear ring range offers outer diameters from 1 to 12 inches

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces an expansion of its HiMod Slydring HC wear ring range. It is introducing over 180 additional part numbers in outer diameters from 1 to 12 inches. HiMod refers to a range of high-modulus plastic materials developed internally for applications demanding high wear and chemical resistance performance. The configuration of the HiMod Slydring HC absorbs transverse forces and prevents metal-to-metal contact between components. 

HiMod Slydring HC rings are ideal for use in a variety of operational conditions. They have high compressive strength and wear resistance even at elevated temperatures, provide low friction performance in lubricated settings, and are easy to install due to their simple closed-grooved design. The wear rings also eliminate local stress concentrations, fretting, and seizure, while damping mechanical vibrations and protecting against dieseling and hydrodynamic pressure problems.

The consistent parts quality and performance of HiMod Slydring HC wear rings mean faster installations and increased wear life between changeovers, making these products ideal for manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders.  This extended range is a strong complement to Trelleborg’s other fluid power sealing products, giving customers one-stop shopping when it comes to ordering complete sealing systems. 

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