Sullair's LS160 oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor offers a newly designed air end

The Sullair LS Series line has expanded into the next horsepower range with the introduction of the LS160. The Sullair LS160 oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor delivers reliability and durability at 200 hp (160 kW) and offers pressure ranging from 100-200 psi.

The new, patent-pending Sullairair end design is at the center of the LS160. The air end takes bearing technology and combines it with a new, larger rotor profile, resulting in what is expected to be the most energy-efficient single stage, 200 hp compressor Sullair has ever offered.

The Sullair LS Series is the first to offer Electronic Spiral Valve technology in all models, including the LS160. With electronic precision and control, the Electric Spiral Valve technology now more tightly matches supply to system demand.

The LS160 also continues to feature the new 10” Sullair Touch Screen (STS) Controller. The STS Controller brings intuitive operation to the compressor with menu‐driven screens allowing the user to access to all information at their fingertips. Also, the functionality behind the STS Controller enables customers to monitor and analyze all key compressor operational information.

Because customers are not always within view of their compressors, LS160 offers Sullair AirLinx Remote Monitoring. AirLinx provides customers the opportunity to monitor all operational parameters in real time via computer, tablet or phone. AirLinx may also be customized to provide automatic alerts when an unexpected reading or fault occurs to minimize unplanned downtime.

Beyond the new features offered, the Sullair LS160 includes numerous features as standard, such as a full enclosure, TEFC motor, Wye‐Delta starter, phase monitor and zero loss drain. The LS160 is CSA approved.

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