Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart helps improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life

Des-Case Corporation has launched a new line of oil transfer containers and accessories to help maintain lubrication cleanliness, especially at transfer when contaminants can more easily invade the lubrication process and degrade equipment performance and reliability.

The Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart is the latest offering in fluid storage and handling products to improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life. This 3-in-1 mobile system combines filtration, storage, and breathers in one simple solution to keep your lubricants clean and dry.

The Mobile Utility Cart provides:

  • 3-way mobility (pull, push, lift)
  • Dedicated pump, motor and filter per tank
  • Incorporated tray for IsoLink Oil Transfer Containers (sold separately)
  • Built-in spill containment
  • Grease gun holders

Mobile Utility Cart applications:

  • Storing lubricants
  • Decontaminating systems
  • Flushing new or repaired systems
  • Dispensing new oil
  • Pre-filtering new oil
  • Reservoir top-offs
  • Collecting oil samples for analysis
  • Evacuating used oil
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