AMRRI’s LubeCoach Pro lubrication task optimization software gives users the knowledge of a professional lubrication specialist

LubeCoach Pro, Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.’s (AMRRI’s) lubrication task optimization software, gives the end user the knowledge of a professional lubrication specialist at a fraction of the cost of outside support. LubeCoach Pro was developed for use by AMRRI consultants and end-user customers alike. LubeCoach Pro provides:

  • A user-friendly data collection system operating on OTS-Surface type technology. 
  • A data collection tool that is simple, accurate and consistent. 
  • Efficient organization of the multitude of detailed decisions needed to produce robust machine lubrication practices through a straight forward thorough step-by-step process.
  • Rules-based functionality that delivers consistent and repeatable recommendations no matter how many different individuals perform the data collection and input.  
  • Removal of ‘personnel bias’ which ensures that the program is developed in accordance with management objectives
  • Machine specific work practices that are well defined, efficiently timed, with the properly assigned lubricant type, and delivered in whatever format that is required by the plant information management program.
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Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.