SPX's Universal TS pumps can operate at higher flow rates with low inlet pressures

The design of the Universal TS pump helps increase process efficiency and maximize productivity. The screw rotors are made from Waukesha 88 non-galling alloy to enable tight internal clearances and improved efficiency without risk of seizure from internal contact. The ability to operate at higher flow rates with low inlet pressures allows customers to specify smaller, less expensive, faster running units compared with other pump technology options. The operation of the Universal TS Series means the pump can handle multiple process duties ranging from pumping viscous product fluids to running clean-in-place (CIP) supply.

The operating principle of the twin screw reduces pressure fluctuations and lowers operating noise levels. The Universal TS pumps are available in three screw pitch options to accommodate different flow capacities, pressures, and fluid particle sizes. Smooth operation of the rotors reduces slip pulse in low inlet pressure, low viscosity, and high pressure conditions. The pumps are designed for sanitary process performance with a variety of seal options, standard stainless steel gear case, and free draining body and cover. The pump is compliant with 3-A, USDA, ISO, and CE standards and can accommodate both CIP and steam-in-place cleaning.

The pump features high strength bearings to withstand axial loads and heavy duty shafts for greater torque capability. No bearings are present in the product zone and a special rotor nut extends service intervals without loosening. A unique mechanical seal design utilizes common parts for inner and outer seal seats and a front loaded design allows for easy seal maintenance.

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