Schneider Electric offers 26-Inch Wide Retrofill Solution for 5-kilovolt applications

Schneider Electric has introduced the 26-inch Wide Draw-Out Breaker Retrofill Solution for 5-kilovolt (kV) vacuum switchgear applications. This smaller cell provides a cost-effective solution to address switchgear applications with space restrictions.

The 26-inch Wide Retrofill Solution can be applied in any 5kV application, up to 2000 amps/350 mega volt amps (MVA), without the need to replace or change the switchgear lineup. Using this retrofill solution, customers can more rapidly and efficiently upgrade existing electrical equipment without facing the high cost or lengthy downtime of traditional equipment replacement.

Fully tested to IEEE C37.59, the 26-inch Wide Retrofill Solution works with Schneider Electric’s standard VR remote racking system for added safety in switchgear operation. While there is no need for a mechanical-operated cell switch, the solution does include a truck operated cell switch, which is wired through a secondary contact and requires less maintenance. The solution is also available with six current transformers (CTs) mounted in the breaker compartment and an optional breaker cart.

Schneider Electric Services retofill solutions offer customers the option to modernize and extend the life of existing electrical equipment and switchgear at a lower cost to equipment replacement. Retrofill options improve reliability, reduce maintenance requirements and increase equipment capabilities, making the larger system much more sustainable across its lifecycle. Schneider Electric service technicians offer evaluation and consultation services to help customers modernize and increase the safety of electrical work spaces.

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